When I was fresh out of college I was wrapping up a film project and eager to get into the marketing world. I accepted a job doing inbound telemarketing with a small little known division of DaimlerChrysler. As with most things in my life, I was eager to learn and willing to help out wherever I could. Within 9 months of taking on the role, the division was reorganized and a new phase in the life of GEM was about to emerge.

Over my 3 1/2 years leading global marketing for the GEM division, DaimlerChrysler’s signature brand representing advanced vehicle technologies for the company, I had the opportunity to elevate the brand to take it’s place along signature brands; Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Mercedes, Maybach, and others. We also innovated in the area of digital marketing, embedding cutting edge lead generation systems into the GEM website, connecting interested consumers directly with dealerships around the world.

Aside from leading edge online marketing, the other crowning achievement of my tenure with GEM was the remarkable public relations efforts we were able to take part in. From being the official electric vehicle for notable events such as the Pacific Life Open and the 2005 G8 Summit in Sea Island Georgia. The attention from touring the country with these smart little cars caught to attention of The New York Times, USA Today, The Today Show and a multitude of other notable media outlets.

I will always be fond of this brand which is now in the care of Polaris, located in my home state of Minnesota.

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Early Collateral from GEM

Key to the work was elevating the brand to be worthy of a place among notable brands such as Chrysler and Mercedes. This was achieved be implementing strong brand standards and a polish required to make an impact at this level.


An Elevated More Polished Brand

While tackling the ongoing marketing needs of the division, we engaged in an evolution of brand style to bring the division to the high standards of it’s parent company.

Lead Generating,
Brand Inspired Digital

Although the design is seemingly dated for today’s standards, it was forward thinking for it’s time in 2004. The key to the digital presence was turning on a dynamic conversion funnel that captured the essence of the brand while driving consumers to engage and ultimately provide valuable sales leads for the global dealership network.